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Programmes that are designed to ‘upskill’ younger and older clients

We offer a range of practical courses to offer including computer skills, DIY and First Aid

Make the Most Out of Life

Working in partnership with The Bytes Project, the Life Skills Matters team is keen to encourage girls and young women to develop an interest in the world of technology, computers and coding. Ultimately the aim is to increase the number of females pursuing a career in Information Technology.

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We encourage individuals to develop a set of social and behavioural skills, that enable them to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life.

Programmes can build on Decision-making such as critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.


Community living such as effective communication, resisting peer pressure, building healthy relationships, and conflict resolution.

Personal awareness and management such as self-awareness, self-esteem, managing emotions, assertiveness, stress management, and sexual and reproductive health behaviours and attitudes

Our community first aid courses are for anyone aged over 16 who would like to learn how to manage everyday minor accidents

Our first aid course will teach participants how to manage everyday minor accidents. Learn how to treat an unresponsive and breathing casualty and manage minor cuts, grazes, bleeding and burns

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Community First Aid Course Content

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